Giovanni Frazzetto

Dr Giovanni Frazzetto is a neuroscientist and writer. He is currently a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and founder of the European Neuroscience & Society Network.

Dr Frazzetto was born and grew up in Sicily. He studied biology at University College London and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg. In 2008 Frazzetto received the John Kendrew Young Scientist Award for his creative achievements at the interface between neuroscience, the arts and the humanities. He is a writer for the international science magazine, Nature, has also written several well-received short stories and plays, and has curated exhibitions in Europe and the United States.

Lecturing worldwide about the social and cultural aspects of science, Dr Frazzetto is fluent in English, Italian, German and French, and has conversational Portuguese. He currently lives and works in Berlin and London.

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