Peter Caddick-Adams

Dr Peter Caddick-Adams is a Lecturer in Military and Security Studies at the UK Defence Academy. He is widely regarded as the battlefield guide of choice for princes, peers and politicians, military commanders and senior executives.

He is the author of Monty and Rommel, which analyses the leadership, strategy and logistics of the two famous generals. Awarded the Territorial Decoration in 1997, he was the official NATO Historian in Bosnia during 1996-7, as well as the UK Historian during the Iraq War of 2003, and has written extensively on the campaigns he witnessed.

With over 500 battlefield visits around the world to his credit, he covers all periods in history from the Romans to the present day, and has also led many official commemorations with serving soldiers and veterans.

Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, as well as a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and the British Commission for Military History.


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