Mike Dash

(C) Simon Sylvester

Dr Mike Dash is a Cambridge educated historian and the bestselling author of several social history books, including Tulipomania, which examined the phenomenon of market speculation in 18th century Holland.

His books are acclaimed for their combination of quality writing and detailed original research, and he has written on topics as wide ranging as mutiny (Batavia's Graveyard), Indian gangs (Thug) and the birth of the New York mafia (The First Family).

He contributes regularly to the Sunday Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail, Guardian and Independent, and also writes for the popular Smithsonian blog.

The breadth of his interest and expertise is reflected in the variety of places that he has given talks: The Ottawa Tulip Festival, Minneapolis Arts Museum, Western Australian Maritime Museum, Able Tasman Museum, and the Luxembourg National Gallery. He has also appeared on Richard and Judy, the Today programme and the One Show, and gives frequent radio interviews.

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