Kevin Dutton

Dr Kevin Dutton is an expert on the science of social influence. He is a Research Fellow at the Faraday Institute, St. Edmund's College, University of Cambridge, and at the University of Western Australia, in Perth.

Flipnosis: The Art of Split Second Persuasion is his first book. In it, Kevin documents his time spent with some of the world's top con artists, in his quest to find out whether these evil black-belts of mind control know more about persuasion than he does.

He is currently working on his second book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths, in which he explores the positive side of being a psychopath, and discovers, first hand, in a groundbreaking 'How to make a psychopath' experiment, what it is like to be one. 

Kevin is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and also of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy.

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